More than a hundred professions having direct links with your talents and skills to guide you in the best choice of study or career.

Which talents correspond to which career?

How to choose a career that would please me?

What are the professions that would best suit my personality?

What are the possibilities for my professional growth?

What are the options after my studies are over?


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Talent Explorer analysts can guide and orient you towards various professions and functions in harmony with your personality, your education, and your experience.


  Price Talent evaluation Full report Which careers correspond to your talents Chart your talents a profession Leadership Style Card Language Example Your choice
Talents - Careers CHF 100 -     unlimited unlimited   F/D
Talents - Leadership CHF 150 -           F/EN/D

Talents - Careers & Talents - Leadership

CHF 200 -     unlimited unlimited   F/D F/EN/D
Service in Licence mode (companies, schools, etc…) According to contract     According to contract According to contract According to contract F/EN/D



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