Optimise the role of your collaborators by identifying their talents, their skills and their potential.

Recruitment – Leadership – Potential – Training – Coaching – Career Transition  



Detect and optimise the potential of your collaborators and your teams

Talent Explorer identifies the behavioural skills that represent the natural strengths of your collaborators. The result gives clear and precise vision of their talents and potential. Optimise the role of each and build a winning team by combining their strengths and complementarities.

How to change from the role of specialist to that of manager and leader?

Specialists are like game players. Managers are like captains. Leaders are like coaches and stimulate the captains and the players.

The identification of management and leadership styles enables one to orient future managers toward activities which are in line with their natural strengths, so that the persons are placed in the appropriate role.


How to identify professional and behavioural skills during the process of recruitment?

Decipher the attitudes of the candidates relating to various professional and social situations during an interview. Obtain a precise and objective vision of their personality. An analysis report enables one to compare each candidates to the ideal profile predefined with the company. The interview on professional skills undertaken with Talent Explorer facilitates the hiring decisions by providing a notable added value on the candidate’s knowledge and attitudes.


How to develop the talents of your future apprentices?

The evaluation of the behavioural skills facilitates the hiring of future apprentices by giving precise and detailed information of their knowledge and their natural predispositions, and optimises their integration within the company.


Outplacement, assessment skills and career transition

This programme is catered to companies wishing to give support and guidance to their collaborators during important changes.

This support may lead to heightened reflection, self-confidence and commitment.             



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