We are convinced that your talents linked with your skills represent a huge potential that is often untapped and may be developed.

The analysts of T-Conseils SA

T-Conseils SA was founded in Geneva in 2007 by Christian Schallenberger and Marc Aerni. The company is specialised in human resources, vocational guidance and career planning.


Its team is composed of multidisciplinary and multicultural professionals. Its certified Talent Explorer consultants may be called upon to take action within a company or at the individual level. They guide their clients in the creation and realisation of their professional projects. They can also create custom-made training or motivation programmes to suit their clients’ values, culture and objectives.


Thanks to the Website, each consultant has Internet access to the different applications of the on-line evaluation, to the reports addressed to participants, and to the Talent Explorer analyst reports.


The Team:

Christian Schallenberger c.schallenberger@talent-explorer.com 022 700 18 16
Marc Aerni m.aerni@talent-explorer.com 022 731 78 65
Denys de Blaireville d.deblaireville@talent-explorer.com 079 609 30 44
Yves Barraud y.barraud@talent-explorer.com 078 897 02 73
Daniel Cornaz info@talent-explorer.com 079 303 89 50
Information info@talent-explorer.com 022 731 78 65

T-Conseils SA, Route de Frontenex 46, 1207 Geneva



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+41 22 731 78 65


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